Eurocopter AS355N


Aircraft type: AS355N

S/n: 5502

Total Time: 9592

Engine 1 Total time: 5028           NG     8904            NTL    5702

Engine 2 Total time: 3073           NG     5187            NTL    8215

Year: 1992


Engine type: n 2 Arrius 1A (SBH – Support by the hour with TURBOMECA SA) 



Preparation for Autopilot;

IFR Training Certificate;

Rear Sliding doors – Left Hand & Right Hand;

Boarding Steps;

Engine Fire Extinguishing System;

Pilot and Co pilot Windscreen Wiper;

Dual Battery;

High Skid Landing Gear;

Dual Retracting Landing Lights;

Interior Leather Trim & Carpets;

P1 & P2 6-Point Harnesses;

P1 & P2 Automatic Door Openers;

1 Red Tail Strobe Light;

L/H, R/H & Tail Navigation Lights;

Davtron Clock / Timer;

Cabin Heating and demisting System;

Cabin Fire Extinguisher;

Rear jumpSeat modification;

Baggage bay extender;

First Aid Kit.


Avionics – Radio Equipment

COM#1 Bendix-King KY196A;

COM#2 Bendix-King KX 155;

ATC Bendix-King KT79;

ELT Kannad 406AF-H;


ADF King KR87;

ADF IND King KI 227.


Optional Equipment

Dual Control;

Emergency Float Provision (Fixed Parts);

Hoist Provision.



Support by the hour TURBOMECA SA


Optional Equipment

Flir Leo 400 C/W Video Recording Unit + Dual Digital Video Recorder

Shoulder Harness Restraint System + Kit Sound Acoustic

Stretcher fixed fittings + Sprectrolab SX-16 Nightsun


NOTE: Grand Visit performed on 17.02.2010 

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