Robinson R22 Beta II I-HUFF

Aircraft type: Robinson R22 Beta II

Aircraft registration: I-HUFF

S/N:  2942

Year:  1999


Airframe T.S.N: 3950h

Airframe T.S.O: 1750h (2200h/12y done in feb 2008 at 2200h – exp 02/2020)                                         

Engine type: Lycoming O-360

Engine T.S.N.: 3950h

Engine T.S.O.: 1950h                  





  • Horizon
  • VOR
  • Transponder KT76A
  • NAV/Comm Garmin GNC255a (8.33 freq)
  • ICS System





  • Heater
  • Dual fuel tank
  • Dual controls
  • Digital Clock
  • Millibar altimeter
  • Handling wheels




  • 100h/12m done 08/2019
  • New Airworthiness Certificate
  • New blue paint done in oct 2012
  • All the main spare parts with 1750h since ovh except m/r blades.
  • New mr blades and spindle assy and MRH



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