Robinson R44 Raven II PH-JPS with A/c

Aircraft type: Robinson R44 Raven II

S/N: 11772

Year: 05/2007 (12y inspection exp 05/2019)

Call Sign:  PH-JPS                          

Airframe T.S.N: 2050h

Airframe T.S.O: performing the 2200h/12y inspection                                        

Engine type: Lycoming IO-540

Engine T.S.N.:  2050h

Engine T.S.O.: performing the 2200h/12y inspection                              





  • Horizon + slip/skid indicator
  • HSI
  • Transponder Garmin 328 Mode S
  • COMM KY196
  • 2nd COMM/NAV/VOR/GPS Garmin 430
  • ICS System AA12S




  • Air conditioning
  • Heater
  • Dual controls
  • Digital Clock
  • Millibar altimeter
  • Handling wheels
  • 4 points Leather seats
  • 2 headsets
  • Bose headsets plugs





  • All the main spare parts with 0h since new/ovh except T/r hub and blades changed in june 2018 (Tr 1729 hours) and t/r pitch control changed in 10/2012 (Tr 554 hours)
  • Performing the a/f and engine 2200h/12y overhaul  
  • New fuel bladder tanks installed