Robinson R22 Beta II I-HEFC

Aircraft type: Robinson R22 Beta II

Aircraft registration:I-HEFC

S/N: 3704

Year: 06/2004 (12y inspection expired)


Airframe T.S.N: 2018h

Airframe T.S.O: 0h (performing 2200h/12y inspection)                                        

Engine type:  Lycoming O-360

Engine T.S.N.:  2018h

Engine T.S.O.:  0h (performing 2200h/12y inspection)                  





-      Horizon + Slip skid indicator

-      VOR

-      Transponder KT76C

-      NAV/Comm KX155

-      ICS System





-      Heater

-      Dual fuel tank

-      Dual controls

-      Digital Clock

-      Millibar altimeter

-      Handling wheels

-      Elt kannad 406




-      12y inspection expired

-      All the main spare parts with TSO 0h

     Performing 2200h/12y inspection - Airframe and Engine  

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