Robinson R44 Clipper II I-LFRD

Aircraft type: Robinson R44 Clipper II

S/N: 10901

Year: 10/2005


Airframe T.S.N: 172h

Airframe T.S.O:  - performing 12 y inspection

Airframe T.S. 12y insp. 0h                                          

Engine type:  Lycoming IO-540

Engine T.S.N.:  172h

Engine T.S.O.:   -                 





GPS COM NAV Garmin 430 w/GI-106A CDI

NAT AA12S ICS system

ELT Kannad 406

2 Headsets David Clark

Horizon + slip skid indicator

Transponder gtx330 mode S

Directional gyro





Bubble windows

Digital Clock

Turn coordinator

Vertical compass swing

3 point harness kit

Leather seats




New fuel bladder tanks installed

Performing 12y inspection

All the main parts with 172h since new – 0h from 12y inspection