Robinson R44 Clipper II I-ELTT

Aircraft type: Robinson R44 Clipper II

S/N:  11743

Year:  05/2007


Airframe T.S.N: 2200h

Airframe T.S.O:  performing 2200h/12y insp   

Engine type:  Lycoming IO-540

Engine T.S.N.:  2200h

Engine T.S.O.:  performing 2200h/12y insp               





COM NAV Garmin GNC255A

2nd COM Bendix King KY196a

NAT AA12S ICS system

ELT Kannad 406

2 Headsets David Clark

Horizon + slip skid indicator

Transponder gtx330 mode S

Directional gyro





Digital Clock

Vertical compass swing

4 points harness kit

Leather seats

Metallized color





New fuel bladder tanks installed

Performing 2200h/12y inspection – Ready spring 2019

All the main parts will be with 0h since new/ovh, except:

Clutch actuator 1900 hours remaining

Mr servocontrols t/r 1000 hours remaining each