AgustaWestland A109S Grand N109NM - ex A6-AVA


Agusta A109S Grand IFR Single pilot

Construction Year


Construction Number


Total Time



Pratt & Whitney PW207C with full FADEC

Standard equipment

Active Noise Reduction (ANR) headsets (pilot and co-pilot)

Pilot and copilot shoulder harness with inertia reel

Baggage compartment light

Crew open door actuators

Quick disconnecting chip detectors

Portable fire extinguisher

Structural provision for utility equipment (emergency floats, rescue hoist, cargo hook, weather radar, engine fire extinguisher, flight director, AFCS)

Fuel drain electrical valves

Tail boom strake

First aid kit

Airframe hour meter

Single pilot IFR avionic pack

Pilot navigation instruments (LCD EADI and EHSI, stand-by ADI)

Gyrocompass C14A Honeywell

Vertical gyro #1 46060-11 Flightline System

Vertical gyro #2 VG-208 JET Electronics

3-axis duplex AFCS SP711 Honeywell

ADF KR-87 Bendix/King

Transponder (mode S) KT-73 Bendix/King

VHF #1 COM/NAV/GPS GNS530 Garmin

VHF #2 COM/NAV/GPS GNS430 Garmin

ICS pilot and co-pilot AA-95 NAT

DME KDM706A Bendix/King

Marker beacon KMR675 Bendix/King

AC power supply system (two inverters)

Additional avionic equipment


Copilot flight/navigation instruments (LCD EADI and EHSI, barometric altimeter, airspeed indicator, VSI

Flight director FZ 702 Honeywell with autotrim

Radio altimeter AA 300 Honeywell

ELT C406-2HM Artex

Moving map KMD 550 Bendix/King

EFIS pilot/copilot in command switch

Additional equipment


450 W retractable/rotating landing light

Baggage compartment extension (1.9 m)

Dual controls

Engine compartment fire extinguishers (2)

Rotor Brake

Windshield wipers (pilot and co-pilot) with wiper switch on cyclic grips


Vip Interior including:

Paulstra soundproofing

Painted or leatherette covered liners

All seats crash-resistant VIP model covered with one colour

3-seat aft facing with see-through modification

3-seat fwd facing with foldable armrest

Chest of 3 drawers  (under aft facing central bench)

4-point shoulder harness with inertia reels and safety belts on all seats

seats covers

reading lights, advisory lights, floor courtesy lights

floor carpeting

carpeting protection

cabin loudspeakers

8 active noise reduction headsets Bose X

customized passenger cabin furnishing

pilots and copilots aft holders

coordinated VVIP pilot and copilot seats with head rests

Air conditioning  ECU (Environment Control Unit) Garret

Primer finished cabin walls

Passive vibration absorber

Miscellaneous / ground equipment

Air intake/exhaust covers

Pitot tubes covers

Tie-down fittings

Rotorcraft Flight Manual and technical publications

Ground tools kit (including tow bar, lifting tool, wheel chocks


White with blue and red stripes

Additional Equipment

213 USG crash resistant fuel system (in lieu of 152 USG)

tinted overhead cockpit windows

reinforced pilot and copilot windscreen

Fuel cap with key lock

Emergency floats provision

Emergency floats removable

Baggage compartment extension (2.3 m)

Engines air particle separator

Weather radar RDR 2000 Bendix/King (presented on EFIS)

TAS SkyWatch 497 L3/Goodrich (presented on GNS 530)