Integrated CPL(H)

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Eurotech Helicopters is proud to announce that a new integrated CPL-H training course is ready to be deployed to everybody wants to become a professional in the Helicopter world and makes her/his dream comes true.

Join the next upcoming training course, new start every month, in Caiolo (SO):

  • Fly 135 hours and get, at the end of course, the specific type rating on both Robinson R22 Beta II and Guimbal Cabri G2: the most used helicopter in the world and the safest one in its category, respectively;
  • Learn CPL-H Theory and take the advantage of hands on practice with certified mechanics and engineers working at Eurotech Helicopter workshop based in Caiolo (SO);
  • Fly through the mountains since the first lesson: Caiolo base is located in Valtellina, close to Alps and Switzerland borders;
  • Fly over one of the nicest country in the world traveling between Alps, lakes and cities like Milan, Turin and Venice;

All lessons (both flying and frontal) are taught in English

The above CPL-H integrated training course costs only 58.000,00 Euro!


The price includes:

135 hours (100 dual and 35 solo) on board of both Guimbal Cabri G2 and Robinson R22 Beta II

  • CPL-H Theory
  • Documentation in English
  • Charts and Navigation tools
  • Enroll fees and first exams taxes
  • Gets the R44 type rating adding 3800,00 Euro.

Add 6000,00 and get the turbine type rating on board of AS350 helicopters.

The above prices do not include:

  • Exam and any extra hours needed to get to the standard required by EASA that will cost (all included) as per the schema below:
R22 solo 330 € / h dual 380 € / h
Cabri solo 330 € / h dual 400 € / h
R44 solo 480 € / h dual 600 € / h
AS350 solo 800 € / h dual 950 € / h
  • ATPL theory available at 4000,00 Euro.
  • Aviation exam subcription
  • Jeppesen set of books
  • Exams taxes in case the student is not able to pass at the first try;
  • Pick up service from and to one of Milano airports (Malpensa, Linate, Orio al Serio);
  • all stay expenses even if single rooms are available

Please also note that PPL-H license owners can join the above integrated course and have part of their hours discounted, according to new EASA rules. Contact us for more information.

Other advantage of flying with Eurotech Helicopters is the proximity to "The Fashion City", Milano, in the middle of Europe where it is possible to live the Italian style, eat italian foods and go everywhere thanks to its international airports.